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Michigan State Trooper Accident I-75 Detroit

Driver Under The Influence of Marijuana Strikes Michigan State Trooper on I-75

Driver Under The Influence of Marijuana Strikes Michigan State Trooper on I 75 - Driver Under The Influence of Marijuana Strikes Michigan State Trooper on I-75A crash on Interstate 75 in Detroit near the Davison Freeway was struck by another vehicle while responding.  Luckily there were no injuries reported after the accident.  The driver who struck the State Trooper claimed to have lost control of the vehicle, went all the way up the embankment and managed to crash into the right side or passenger side of the Trooper’s Vehicle.

A twist to the story is that the driver admitted to smoking marijuana and then driving which is illegal unless he is registered with the State and possesses a marijuana card.  The police would then need to prove the marijuana was the cause of his actions and not the poor road conditions or distracted driving.  Recreational marijuana was passed late last year, but the State is being extremely slow approving marijuana businesses.  In fact, most card holders are currently able to find any medicine due to the widespread close down of dispensaries and the small amount of state-approved product.

There were multiple other accident on that same road due to icy conditions and blowing snow.  Remember to always wait a few hours after smoking if you have you card and simply don’t drive high if you don’t.  It’s not worth it.  We will keep you updated!

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Two Vehicle Crash in Williamston, MI Results in Death

Two Vehicle Crash in Williamston, MI Results in Death

A two-vehicle crash in Williamston, Michigan this weekend resulted in the death of 1 of the drivers.  The Meridian Township Police Department were called to the scene of the crash at 8:40 am Saturday morning.

The crash occurred on Grand River Avenue near Meridan Road.  This is a very popular road as it connects Williamston to nearby cities including Okemos, East Lansing, and Lansing.

This area received a Winter Storm Advisory from Friday at 7pm to Saturday at 4pm.  More snow fell than expected and roads were very treacherous during this time before the County Road Commission could plow and salt the roads completely.  According to a release by the Meridian Township Police Department, a vehicle traveling Westbound struck another vehicle traveling Eastbound.  Luckily, both vehicles did not have any passengers but one of the drivers was pronounced dead.  The release did not identify which driver was killed.

The crash investigation is still ongoing and the name of people involved won’t be made public until the the deceased family is notified.  If you or anyone you know were a witness to the accident, it is asked that you contact the Meridian Township Police Department with any information that you have.  We will keep you updated on any further developments about this tragic accident.

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Fiery Semi-Truck Crash Kills 1 on Interstate 94 in Calhoun County

Fiery Semi-Truck Crash Kills 1 on Interstate 94 in Calhoun County

Yet another deadly crash has occurred on Interstate 94 this week.  This time, it was on the westbound lanes at about 1am when the crash took place.  Both Westbound lanes were shutdown near 11 mile Road or exit 104 while the police conducted a crash scene investigation.

According to authorities, the accident involved two semi-trucks.  While there is very little information regarding how it happened, its believed to be a simple rear-end collision while traffic was merging.  1 driver was killed and the other driver was left with no injuries whatsoever.

Emmet Public Safety released a statement on their facebook page which stated the DPS are on the scene and they had to close all WB lanes west of 11 mile because the trucks were blocking all ones.  They also suggested to avoid the area if at all possible.

This accident highlights the dangers of Interstate 94 near Battle Creek and Kalamazoo.  It seems like there are some major issues which make it inherently more dangerous than the other surrounding areas, especially in the winter.  It was mentioned this accident happened during merging.  From my observations on this highway, the merge lanes are simply too short and don’t allow enough time for vehicles to increase speed to a reasonable level.  This causes issues because slow vehicles on the on-ramp causes traffic in the right line to move over or make room.  This is where the chaos happens when the highway is jammed with traffic and a high number of semi-trucks are on the road.

Anyways, we will keep you updated this weekend.  Most of Michigan and Battle Creek is currently under a winter storm advisory, so take extra precaution when driving on snow-covered roads this weekend!

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Michigan Republican's Top Priority Is Slashing Auto Insurance Premiums

Michigan Republican’s Top Priority Is Slashing Auto Insurance Premiums

Lansing, MI – Now that republicans finally have a majority control over the Michigan Senate, the republicans plan to make cutting auto insurance rates a top priority.  They just introduced a bill in this new session which would let older drivers have medicare or other health insurance provide coverage.  It would also allow younger drivers to “opt out” of Michigan’s no-fault policy and decided to carry less insurance coverage.

This bill is more about signalling that they are willing to do anything to bring change.  Essentially, this bill screams that that they want to lower insurance costs and will iron out all the specifics and details later.

This might seem like a good thing to reduce insurance rates, but they aren’t telling you the whole story.  Michigan has high insurance rates because it provided the best coverage in the country.  If you are hurt in a car accident, you will not find another state that provided what Michigan does.  I understand that people are more concerned about how much they pay per year in insurance, but please don’t put on the blindfold and think that this is a good move.

Insurance companies are extremely profitable already, and this is just another strategy to increase profits while decreasing the liability they are responsible for.  They are trying to have their cake and eat it to.  If they want people to opt out or cap the limits, JUST END NO-FAULT.  This system doesn’t work unless everyone is participating.  The auto insurance companies simply want to payout less and receive the same amount from their customers.  These so called changes won’t lower your insurance much but it will strip all the good benefits from the current no-fault system.

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Fiery Car Crash Kills 1 on Interstate 94 in Saint Clair Shores

Fiery Car Crash Kills 1 on Interstate 94 in Saint Clair Shores

Interstate 94 near 9 Mile Road in St. Clair Shores was shut down for the duration of Wednesday night due to a serious crash.  It was a single-car accident that tragically resulted in the driver passing away.

The vehicle caught on fire suddenly according to the police officers at the scene.  St. Clair Police Officers responded quickly to the crash location and attempted to rescue the driver from the automobile, but their efforts were unsuccessful.  After the valiant efforts by the 3 officers, they required treatment by a local hospital for smoke inhalation.  Michigan State Police are in charge of the investigation and they had all lanes of Interstate 94 back open around 11 p.m Wednesday night.

There is still no determination as to the cause of the accident, but Interstate 94 is well known as a dangerous highway due the high amount of traffic between the major metropolitan areas of Detroit and Chicago.  Also, there was a Winter Storm Advisory for most of Mid-Michigan on Tuesday Morning although the roads were better than many meteorologists were expecting.


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MSU Student Driving Moped Killed In Crash With Salt Truck - MSU Student Driving Moped Killed In Crash With Salt Truck

MSU Student Driving Moped Killed In Crash With Salt Truck

At approximately 7:49 a.m on Michigan State University Campus at the intersection of Chestnut and Shaw Lane, a student operating a moped was stuck and killed in a crash with a salt truck.  Spokesperson Emily Guerrant released a statement which included “The MSU community is grieving the loss of a student killed in a traffic crash involving an MSU salt truck early this morning.  MSU will not be releasing the student’s name.”

There isn’t much infomation available as the crash is still being investigated by Michigan State University Police.  They closed down Shaw Lane between Red Cedar Road and Birch Road for nearly 3 hours on Tuesday.

We will keep you updated with any information that becomes available.

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Young 4-Year-Old Dies After Rollover Crash

Young 4-Year-Old Dies After Rollover Crash in Benzie County, MI

Thompsonville, MI – According to the report from the Benzie County Sherriff’s Office, Early Sunday morning at about 5am a woman rolled the vehicle she was driving resulting in the death of a 4 year old boy. The woman is 22 years old and we heading North on Cadillac Highway when she completely lost control of the automobile when approaching a curve. She crossed the center-line of the road, rolled the vehicle over, and impacted with multiple trees.

As suspected, the driving of the vehicle was the boy’s mother making this even more catastrophic. Their names have not been released yet according the Kyle Rosa of the Benzie Police Department.

The 4 year old was in the back seat of the vehicle and was not properly restrained with a car seat. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The woman did indeed wear a seat belt and is being treated for minor injuries at Munson Medical Center. The Michigan State Police closed down the highway altogether for hours while they conducted their own thorough investigation. Another twist is that the report indicated that drugs may have been a factor, but there is no such evidence that has been released yet.

The investigation is still ongoing and we will keep you informed about the latest developments.

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accident - Flint Police Investigating Pedestrian Death After Car Hit

Flint Police Investigating Pedestrian Death After Car Hit

Flint is one of the cities of Michigan, with a population of almost 100,000 people, which recently witnessed a horrific accident who has shocked the entire local community.

According to the police statements, a man who was driving on the North Dort Highway, when trying to cross Richfield Road in the early hours of the morning unfairly ended the life of a pedestrian. The man still not identified, but was driving an SUV at a great speed.

The pedestrian had serious injuries at the time he was taken by ambulance to the Hurley Medical Center, but when he arrived he had no life, officially declaring him dead.

Neither is known the data of this young man who was hit, but he’s in the prayers of the entire Flint community to be the last accidents of the year 2018.

All the data that the press already manages were presented as a declaration by the local police, and even the investigation is still open since there is no known data that can identify the man of the SUV.

The man who ran over the guy who was crossing the street ran away, a fact that without a doubt the relatives that the lifeless young man laments.

Although it’s unknown if the pedestrian was passing the street when it should and the traffic light allowed it; but it has also been a very strong fact since the speed of the man driving the SUV was so high and his insensitivity was apparently too much because he never stopped.

It’s expected that the police can find the unidentified subject, and be able to solve the investigation they’re carrying out.

But they assume the man didn’t have a serious injury or anything because he never stopped, didn’t even get off the car to know the state in which the pedestrian was. Everything is in the hands of the police, and we’re hoping they can resolve this terrible issue.

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man standing - Young Mother Dies after Rear Ending Wrecker

Young Mother Dies after Rear Ending Wrecker

Car accidents may be tragic, but without a doubt being one of the worst ways to die. Because it’s something unforeseen, no matter how old you’re, how much money you have, what you have done in your life, it simply happens when you least expect it.

And Michigan is undoubtedly a state that has been the victim of many car accidents that have ended in the worst possible way: death.

Hitting A Wrecker Took Her Life

During the month of October of 2018, an accident occurred again that all of Mecosta County has deeply regretted. A woman of only 23 years died in a car accident after colliding with a rear-ending wrecker who was on the highway.

The 23-year-old was driving a Cadillac, her death was immediate, and her relatives are deeply regretting what happened; after leaving orphan a one-year-old daughter, who was in the car too at the time of the catastrophe.

The little girl was sitting in her special seat for children in her mother’s car, but thanks to seat insurance she wasn’t injured.

The Michigan police immediately opened the investigation case to collect all the elements of the accident occurred on Sunday, October 7, 2018, around 2 pm.

feet - Young Mother Dies after Rear Ending Wrecker

The Wrecker Driver Has No Criminal Liability

Everything happened near 22 Mile Road, in the lanes to the south, and according to the reports of the police officers, the young man who was driving the demolisher was 22 years old and it was a totally out of his responsibility case.

He was driving when he slowed down because he was trying to cross to the left when suddenly felt the blow of the car of the woman who came in the Cadillac.

Undoubtedly this shows that prudence in driving is something fundamental, to avoid this type of incident that can end the life of any person without notice. It even seems absurd to thank this clash didn’t end in worse forms, ending the lives of more people, but it’s a latent reality.

At the moment the family is passing the mourning of this big loss and big blow that has caused in the lives of all close friends of the 23-year-old, especially his little daughter.

cars - Young Mother Dies after Rear Ending Wrecker

Prudence When Driving

That’s why the importance of driving with caution, respecting the signs and having more road education to avoid such sad cases as these that end up killing someone’s life.

If we calculate the annual traffic accidents in all the countries of the world, definitely it would throw a figure so terrifying that we would really be afraid to drive. That’s why it must be paramount for all to drive safely, with respect, in good condition, without any distraction.

And the example of this girl of only 1 years-old is super clear of the need to always have safety seats for children adapted in their cars if they’re going to travel with some of them, and like this, you can feel quieter because they’re protected.

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crash - Man and Woman Injured after Two Car Crash in Michigan

Man and Woman Injured after Two Car Crash in Michigan

Recently in Clare County, Michigan, there was a serious accident that shocked the community after some people were injured. There were no deaths.

The incident happened exactly on North Old State Avenue, north of West Temple Drive and the police immediately went to the place to carry out the relevant investigations.

Responsibility To Drive

According to the facts of the police officers, everything happened at the beginning of the month of December 2018, after a GMC Sierra car who was being driven by a man named Harrison of 45 years, hit a Nissan Juke car.

The accident was because the Nissan Juke had no lights, and they were driving during the night. The 52-year-old conduit named Christopher Parnofiello was with his 52-year-old wife too, Donna Gartner, from Florida and Colorado respectively.

driving - Man and Woman Injured after Two Car Crash in Michigan

According to some statistics, one of the most common causes of car accidents is driving at night with low light; in this case, in particular, the driver of the Nissan had no front light.

Driving at night is something that obviously many people have to do for whatever specific reasons they have. But for these cases, precautions must be taken to avoid this type of accidents.

Both Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Donna were taken to the hospital for emergency care; they were even taken by helicopter to the Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, because they were in serious condition, resulting in the most seriously injured.

The Nissan is being detained after the police officers found it on the road, and they’re still carrying out the respective investigation and waiting for the couple to leave the serious conditions in which they are in health.

The accident was very serious, even units such as the Harrison Fire Department, an ambulance, the Clare County Highway Commission and police officers came to the site to offer their help.

Some Precautions

To avoid punctually this type of accidents, it’s necessary to recommend some forecasts so you can take into account when driving at night, so all of you aren’t going to end up in catastrophic accidents with injuries or even deaths.

Always have front and rear lights available, so you can better see the road you’re driving. This is so indispensable, because not using them, this case is a simple example of what it can cause. Another is possible to use the long or short lights when you’re going to make a corresponding crossing.

ambulance - Man and Woman Injured after Two Car Crash in Michigan

You can never wear dark glasses, always clear, so you can see well. Always keep the glass and windshield clean. Respect the speeds of the tracks. Avoid anything that influences as a distraction, such as a phone, discuss while driving or anything else. Obviously, you should always use the safety belt.

When driving at night, it’s common for cars on the roads to have lights that can dazzle you. But to avoid these cases, try not to look directly at the lights.

You might be surprised when these tips can help some of you, even if may consider unnecessary. We must have more caution and respect when we’re driving, and obviously always do it in good condition, aware of everything around.

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