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My name is Betsy Cavendish, and I’m part of the team of Apple Seeds. I’m 29 years old and I have been working for this page for more than 5 years as one of the writers; and it has been a great time, a lot of learning and enjoyment of this online world.

Apple Seeds began as a project about 5 years ago by a group of friends from here in Michigan who met at the university, in the school of journalism. I’m one of them, and I’m really proud of what we have achieved with the page.

Our objective is to inform any type of events that have occurred in Michigan about car accidents, a very strange passion that united all of us who form the community of web page.

Believe it or not, reporting this type of thing is very beneficial because there have been many accidents at different times here, including some super serious that has shocked the entire state.

One of the most surprising has been after a very heavy snowfall in 2015 that caused the crash of nearly 200 cars and blocked Interstate 94 in southern Michigan completely. There were more than 20 injured and a single 57-year-old dead man who was driving a truck.

Even some people who were there could record super strong images of the moment published it on social networks and they became viral automatically. There you can see how some cars are trapped, others cars crashing into each other, no doubt total chaos that shocked many people.

But above all it was a very strong emotional shock, because in 2005 Michigan also witnessed a similar tragedy, where on Interstate 96 approximately 200 cars were totally trapped by another very strong haze, where the passage was blocked by more than 12 hours and caused the death of two people, one of them was a young man of only 15 years old, and almost 40 people injured.

These are some of the many examples that we can give, and through our page, you will be able to know many more details about incidents like these. From information, news, facts, recommendations in seasons when driving and many other things.

The support that people have given us is really gratifying, we hope that in this New Year you will continue accompanying and enjoying the content we publish. Welcome to Apple Seeds, this is your home!