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Apple Seeds is a page who has come forward for the effort of our group, who take care of the smallest detail of the website in general, to offer the best to our visitors.

And thanks to the support we have received from the visits that increase more each month, we have grown in a way that no doubt 5 years ago, if you tell me what we’re achieving this, obviously I wouldn’t have believed it.

Every comment, message, like, support, visit or whatever you leave us on the website or on our social networks we really appreciate and thank all of them with all our hearts because it notices that you’re valued and taking into account our work.

And we always try to innovate the content of our website to continue offering the best. But now we have created a very cool section for Apple Seeds, a way also to help each other.

Now you can make any type of advertise on a particular brand, be it yours or just from somewhere where you work, now Apple Seeds is the right place to provide the necessary promotion.

In this way, all of our visitors will be able to find out about any service, product or promotion that you’re offering through the brand; to help you to be more known, taking advantage of the popularity in recent years has won Apple Seeds and can show anything you want to offer.

For this you will have to contact us through the description that’s in the part below, using any of the communication ways that you want, by call or writing us to the addresses that we put it there.

When you contact one of our workers, you can ask the relevant questions, how much the amount to be charged is and many other questions you may have, we will always be available to assist you in the best way possible.

 It’s a great idea and very beneficial for you because of the previous points that we mentioned. But in addition, it’s also beneficial for us because, with the payment that’s made for the promotion of the brand, it will also help us to improve our services as a website.

Our informative niche may be super unique and you will not find so much variety on the internet, but we don’t focus on competitions or that kind of thing. We just want to make this project grow and be better for you.