Breaking News: Pedestrian/Car Crash Leaves Niles, Michigan Man Dead

Breaking News: Pedestrian/Car Crash Leaves Niles, Michigan Man Dead

There was an unfortunate accident between a local pedestrian and a vehicle that took place Friday night in Cass County, Michigan.  Pedestrian accidents tend to be much more dangerous due to the lack of protection and vulnerability of the person on foot and this incident was no different.  Michigan State Police Officers identified the man as a 70 year old man named Earl Edward Doss.

The incident took place at the intersection of US Highway 12 and Reum Road.  This is near the county line between Cass County and Berrien County and also right near a Marathon Gas Station.  The call came to authorities at 6:40 Pm and then arrived within minutes of receiving it.  The driver of the vehicle was 35 years old and cooperated fully with authorities.  It was determined that Earl Doss was crossing the road at the time of impact.

There is still an ongoing investigation being conducted by State Police Investigators and for that reason, there has been very little information released to the public.  It is unclear whether the recent wintry weather and winter storm advisories had a factor.  Once more information becomes available, we will post an update right here on this news story.

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