accident - Flint Police Investigating Pedestrian Death After Car Hit

Flint Police Investigating Pedestrian Death After Car Hit

Flint is one of the cities of Michigan, with a population of almost 100,000 people, which recently witnessed a horrific accident who has shocked the entire local community.

According to the police statements, a man who was driving on the North Dort Highway, when trying to cross Richfield Road in the early hours of the morning unfairly ended the life of a pedestrian. The man still not identified, but was driving an SUV at a great speed.

The pedestrian had serious injuries at the time he was taken by ambulance to the Hurley Medical Center, but when he arrived he had no life, officially declaring him dead.

Neither is known the data of this young man who was hit, but he’s in the prayers of the entire Flint community to be the last accidents of the year 2018.

All the data that the press already manages were presented as a declaration by the local police, and even the investigation is still open since there is no known data that can identify the man of the SUV.

The man who ran over the guy who was crossing the street ran away, a fact that without a doubt the relatives that the lifeless young man laments.

Although it’s unknown if the pedestrian was passing the street when it should and the traffic light allowed it; but it has also been a very strong fact since the speed of the man driving the SUV was so high and his insensitivity was apparently too much because he never stopped.

It’s expected that the police can find the unidentified subject, and be able to solve the investigation they’re carrying out.

But they assume the man didn’t have a serious injury or anything because he never stopped, didn’t even get off the car to know the state in which the pedestrian was. Everything is in the hands of the police, and we’re hoping they can resolve this terrible issue.

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