crash - Man and Woman Injured after Two Car Crash in Michigan

Man and Woman Injured after Two Car Crash in Michigan

Recently in Clare County, Michigan, there was a serious accident that shocked the community after some people were injured. There were no deaths.

The incident happened exactly on North Old State Avenue, north of West Temple Drive and the police immediately went to the place to carry out the relevant investigations.

Responsibility To Drive

According to the facts of the police officers, everything happened at the beginning of the month of December 2018, after a GMC Sierra car who was being driven by a man named Harrison of 45 years, hit a Nissan Juke car.

The accident was because the Nissan Juke had no lights, and they were driving during the night. The 52-year-old conduit named Christopher Parnofiello was with his 52-year-old wife too, Donna Gartner, from Florida and Colorado respectively.

driving - Man and Woman Injured after Two Car Crash in Michigan

According to some statistics, one of the most common causes of car accidents is driving at night with low light; in this case, in particular, the driver of the Nissan had no front light.

Driving at night is something that obviously many people have to do for whatever specific reasons they have. But for these cases, precautions must be taken to avoid this type of accidents.

Both Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Donna were taken to the hospital for emergency care; they were even taken by helicopter to the Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, because they were in serious condition, resulting in the most seriously injured.

The Nissan is being detained after the police officers found it on the road, and they’re still carrying out the respective investigation and waiting for the couple to leave the serious conditions in which they are in health.

The accident was very serious, even units such as the Harrison Fire Department, an ambulance, the Clare County Highway Commission and police officers came to the site to offer their help.

Some Precautions

To avoid punctually this type of accidents, it’s necessary to recommend some forecasts so you can take into account when driving at night, so all of you aren’t going to end up in catastrophic accidents with injuries or even deaths.

Always have front and rear lights available, so you can better see the road you’re driving. This is so indispensable, because not using them, this case is a simple example of what it can cause. Another is possible to use the long or short lights when you’re going to make a corresponding crossing.

ambulance - Man and Woman Injured after Two Car Crash in Michigan

You can never wear dark glasses, always clear, so you can see well. Always keep the glass and windshield clean. Respect the speeds of the tracks. Avoid anything that influences as a distraction, such as a phone, discuss while driving or anything else. Obviously, you should always use the safety belt.

When driving at night, it’s common for cars on the roads to have lights that can dazzle you. But to avoid these cases, try not to look directly at the lights.

You might be surprised when these tips can help some of you, even if may consider unnecessary. We must have more caution and respect when we’re driving, and obviously always do it in good condition, aware of everything around.

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