Extreme Cold From Polar Vortex Continues to Wreak Havoc in Michigan

Extreme Cold From Polar Vortex Continues to Wreak Havoc in Michigan

Many schools, businesses, and universities remain closed for today Thursday January 31st, 2019.  This cold weather has made traveling extremely dangerous because of the snow accumulations, bitter freezing cold, and even the salt is incapable of melting the snow and ice.

The most dangerous situation from this storm in Michigan was on Tuesday in Ottawa County.  We wrote briefly about this pileup, but there is now more information available to us.  The stretch of highway on Interstate 96 (a very popular road connecting West Michigan to Ann Arbor and Detroit.  Specifically, the area between Marne and Nunice encountered white out conditions.  The incident started at 12:15pm when a semi-truck jackknifed in the eastbound lanes near the Marne exit and the surrounding cars collided both with the semi-truck and each other.

Surprisingly, this was not the only pileup in the area.  There were also accidents on M-6 which connects I-96 to the Holland Area.  There were also multi-vehicle crashes in Allegan County and on Interstate 196 which I wrote about yesterday.  Fortunately, most of the injuries were minor in nature and no deaths have been reported.  That doesn’t mean that is quite scary for those involved.

Dora Jenkins, who was involved in the accident near Grand Haven stated that “It was very nerve-racking, I was trying to keep my cool because with the kids and my mother both nervous, my daughter was crying, my nephew was getting nervous and my mother was holding her chest. So my mind was all over the place.”

With friged temperatures expected to remain throughout the day, it’s important you don’t travel long distances unless absolutely necessary.  Make sure that you have enough protective clothing, food, and water in case you are forced to stop somewhere along the way.  We will be sure to bring you any further information that we receive!

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