Fatality in Semi-Truck Crash on Interstate 94 Near 10 Mile Road

Fatality in Semi-Truck Crash on Interstate 94 Near 10 Mile Road

A multi-vehicle accident which included three vehicles and a semi-truck has resulted in the death of 1 person on 3-7-2019 between 1 and 2pm local time.  According to the Michigan State Police, traffic become slow and the driver of the Truck was traveling at a high rate of speed and unable to stop.  This caused the Semi-Truck to rear end a Ford Taurus.  The driver inside (later identified as Denise Bonner-Vaughn) the Ford Taurus was killed instantly upon impact.

After rear-ending the vehicle, the Semi-Truck rolled over and crashed on top of two other vehicles (a Chysler Mini-Van and a Cadillac SUV).  Luckily the people inside of the other 2 vehicles only reported minor injuries.  The driver of the semi also only sustained minor injuries.  Even though authorities don’t know how, a 4th vehicle was discovered to also be involved and only sustained minor injuries.  Westbound Interstate 94 was closed for hours to conduct investigations and clean up all the debris.  This was a very scary accident scene and everyone who witnessed the event was clearly shaken by what transpired.

Miraculously, the driver of the Chrysler Mini-Van which was crushed and everyone assumed was the fatality simply walked away with only minor cuts and bruises.   The investigation is still ongoing, but it’s clear that the semi-truck was at fault and traveling way too fast for conditions.  He did not leave the proper space to slow down and avoid the cars ahead of him.  Michigan State Police Officer Mike Shaw stated “stop driving so fast.  Whoever was driving that semi is responsible for this accident.  In Michigan, you’re required to maintain your vehicle at a safe and proper speed that you don’t run into the person in front of you, and that’s going to be the cause of this crash.”


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