Intoxicated Driver Charged With The Death of His Wife in Waterford Crash

Intoxicated Driver Charged With The Death of His Wife in Waterford Crash

Michael Blakemen, a 35 year old male took the wheel of his vehicle intoxicated with his wife as a passenger.  The vehicle hit numerous utility poles along with rear-ending another vehicle while traveling at a high rate of speed near the West Side of Detroit.  His wife, Angelina Melnikova-Blakeman who was 32 years old, was transported immediately to a local hospital, but was unable to survive her severe injuries sustained from the crash.  She was declared dead at the hospital.

Michael Blakeman is facing 2nd Degree murder charges for driving intoxicated and recklessly.  Blakeman also suffered injuries from the accident, but survived.  His preliminary examination is set for March 15, 2019 and his bond has been set at $1,000,000.  Second degree murder are very serious charges in Michigan.  According to penal code 750.317 in Michigan, “all other kinds of murder shall be murder of the second degree, and shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for life, or any term of years, in the discretion of the court trying the same.”  Essentially he is facing life in prison if convicted. 

There is still not a lot information available, but this is normal for anyone who will facing criminal charges. Information is withheld by both attorneys to give them the best chance at trial.  Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but it seems there is already a large amount of evidence pointing to his reckless and deadly actions.  Once the trial begins, we will keep you updated and try to give you more details into how this whole incident occurred.


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