M-28 Highway in Upper Peninsula Temporarily Shutdown

M-28 Highway in Upper Peninsula Temporarily Shutdown

The State of Michigan has finally been receiving the nasty winter weather conditions that we are all used to seeing this time of year. Over the weekend, the Upper Peninusula received the most dangerous conditions.  According to Michigan State Police, they were forced to shutdown a 25 mile stretch of M-28 in the Central Upper Peninsula.  Whiteout conditions caused what is thought to be a 13 car pileup.  This might seem like a rare event, but whiteout conditions make accidents happen very quickly and it’s hard for other motorists to avoid because they don’t see the crash until it’s too late.

There is still very little information available, but the stretch that would closed is between M-77 and M-94.  This story reminds me of the 150 vehicle pileup that closed I-94 in West Michigan back in 2015.  I can imagine this pileup would have been very similar but luckily this stretch of highway doesn’t get the same amount of traffic that I-94 near Battle Creek receives.

As of this morning, Michigan is getting by pounded by extremely cold temperatures, winds in excess of 45 mph, and snow accumulations expected to reach 8″ in some locations.  If we gather any more information about this accident, we will keep you updated!

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