Michigan Power-Lifter Heroically Lifts Vehicle To Save Man's Life

Michigan Power-Lifter Heroically Lifts Vehicle To Save Man’s Life

We are very excited to share this heroic story with all of our viewers.  Ryan Belcher is an avid power-lifter who is capable of squatting 950 pounds and dead-lifting 800+.  If you are not familiar with power lifting, this is extremely strong even for someone who commits their lives to this profession and is quite impressive.  Ryan was nearing the end of his workday on Thursday when he heard a violent crash outside.   He rushed outside to see what the sound was and spotted a Jeep Cherokee had rolled over upside down and he quickly made his way to the accident scene.

There was a man trapped underneath of the vehicle and was screaming for help.  Upon arriving, there were already 4 men there attempting to move the vehicle.  This is when Ryan Belcher knew that his all his hard work was meant to help this man.  “When I first approached the vehicle, there was a good four men there, and they were all trying to move this vehicle and I seen it wasn’t happening and I figured what a better time now to use what I know I can actually do.”   It’s almost as if Ryan was meant to be there at that exact place in time.

He was able to grab the vehicle through a broken window and swing the body of the car freeing the stuck victim from being pinned.  Even the man was freed, he still suffered serious injuries according to available police reports.  Another woman involved in the crash also suffered serious but non-fatal injuries.  Ryan was able to meet up with the man and his family later in the weekend.  If there is any more information available in the next few days, we will be sure to share it as soon as it becomes available.


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