motor - Man Killed in Ingham County Motorcycle Crash

Man Killed in Ingham County Motorcycle Crash

In Ingham County, Lansing Post, Michigan, a very shocking accident recently occurred who leave a 62-year-old man dead, after he was driving a motorcycle and completely lost control of it.

The incident occurred almost at 9 pm at night, according to police investigations. The motorcycle was found on I-96 westbound near the M-52, where the man shot out as he fell.

Motorcyclist Dies In The Accident

Many people consider riding motorcycles is dangerous, but it isn’t as long as the driver knows how to drive perfectly. For these cases to handle a motorcycle, certain preventions must be used, such as the use of the helmet, something that the 62-year-old man didn’t have.

motorcycle - Man Killed in Ingham County Motorcycle Crash

The police immediately went to the scene to collect the clues of the events, and as collected, the man completely lost control of his motorcycle when he was entering the highway, causing his immediate death.

The Fire Department of Leroy County, Emergency Services of the North East of Ingham and the local ambulances, in addition to the local police, attended immediately to the place of the accident.

The Identity Of The Man Is Still Unknown

The name of the deceased man hasn’t yet been revealed, the policemen when notifying the news, took charge of protecting the name because they couldn’t communicate with their relatives.

The cause of the investigation is still open to know exactly what happened, but according to studies already done, the man wasn’t under any effect of drugs or alcohol.

It’s necessary to begin to promote in society types of precaution that must be taken when driving, whether it’s a car or motorcycles, because your life or the life of anyone else who is close, can be in danger.

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