Newaygo Car Crash Results in 1 Death and 4 Others Injured

Newaygo Car Crash Results in 1 Death and 4 Others Injured

Newaygo County Police Officers were the first responders to serious car accident at East Baseline Road and South Elm Avenue around 1:30 Pm yesterday.  The collision involved a pick-up truck and an SUV.  The truck was traveling South on South Elm Avenue and failed to stop at the intersection of East Baseline Road resulting in the collision of the sport utility vehicle which was traveling East.

The SUV that was hit had 5 people in the vehicle. The driver was a 27 year old woman from New Era, Michigan and the four passengers were comprised of 1 adult and three children.  The adult (29 year old male) and oldest child (7 year old girl) were both from Shelby, Michigan and were transported to Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids.  The youngest 2 passengers seemed to be in much more danger.  The 5 year old boy required an airlift to the hopsital and the youngest (2 year old girl) was unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene as a result of sustained injuries.

The driver of the pick up truck which failed to stop at the intersection and the other passenger (a 14 year old boy) did not sustain any injuries and walked away. This tragic accident is still being investigated by the Newaygo County Sheriff’s Office.  It seems pretty clear that the driver of the pick up was 100% at fault since he failed to stop at the intersection, but accident reconstructions have not confirmed this as of yet.  Police did release the information that they don’t believe drugs or alcohol appeared to play any factor into this accident.  If you or someone you know is a witness to this accident, please call the Newaygo Country Sherriff’s Office immediately.  We will be sure to keep you updated with the results of the investigations and any criminal charges that might be brought to the at-fault party.

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