police - Midland County Hunter Allegedly Shot Down Accidentally

Midland County Hunter Allegedly Shot Down Accidentally

Midland County made regional news after local police announced the death of a hunter after another hunter shot him in northeast Michigan.

Everything happened during the hunting season of Michigan, in the season of deer, when both hunters were hunting with their firearms, with which one of them ended up shooting at the other.

Death in the Hunting Season

Justin Beutel, only 38 years old, was the one who died and was found in northeastern Michigan, for which the State Department of Natural Resources also spoke about the incident that occurred on their land.

The department of natural resources said and explained that it was all a hunting accident, it wasn’t intentional the shot that left the individual to the 38-year-old man, which caused his immediate death.

polizei - Midland County Hunter Allegedly Shot Down Accidentally

James Gorno is one of the officials working in the department, and it was the spokesman who notified all the relevant statements about the event, adding that Mr. Beutel was on private property hunting, when he was shot by a man He’s apparently 45 years old and lives in Gaylord, who was also hunting in those areas.

Both were totally unknown people, and each one was on their own and without any company. That’s why the event is under investigation by the local police, to clarify the facts.

Investigations Continue Its Course

The deer hunting season is practically a tradition in Michigan, which lasts for a few weeks, ending on the last day of November on an annual basis. But without doubts, never since the existence of this tradition, an accident like this had occurred in the State.

crimescene - Midland County Hunter Allegedly Shot Down Accidentally

The police are still trying to find more information that can resolve the death of Mr. Beutel, since any fact a person can use a firearm and shoot him can be considered homicide, causing his immediate death.

But it hasn’t yet been confirmed if it was intentional, or if it was a simple error of the other hunter who was trying to catch one of the deer and hunting near the man now lifeless.

Neither the family of the deceased man nor the other hunter or someone from his immediate surroundings has given any statements. Only spokesmen for the local police and an official from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources have spoken about the incident.

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