Rollover Accident in Ypsilanti Leaves Two in Critical Condition

Rollover Accident in Ypsilanti Leaves Two in Critical Condition

On Thursday, February 14th at around 4:30 PM, The Washtenaw Country Sheriff and the Ypsilanti Township Fire Department hurried to the scene of a rollover crash on Michigan Avenue involving 2+ vehicles.  The first responders decided it was necessary to close the stretch of road where the collisions took place.  In total, the road was shut down for a period of just over 3 hours.  The exact location of this incident occurred on Michigan Avenue between Wiard and Ridge Roads.



There aren’t many details about how the crash occurred, who was involved, and what is the health status of those involved.  Just like any other major accident, the scene needs to be investigated and processed.  Family members need to be notified and many other details need to be ironed out.  Once all that is complete, the information will be made available to the public and we will update our story.  A spokesperson on behalf of the Huron Valley Ambulance stated that the 2 people who were injured are indeed in critical condition.


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