Single Car Crash On Interstate 75 In Troy Results in Fatality

Single Car Crash On Interstate 75 In Troy Results in Fatality

At about 4a.m. Wednesday there was a single car accident on I-75 in Troy.  Troy police are still investigating the scene and confirmed that no other cars were involved in the crash and there were no passengers.  We are being told that the driver is Joseph Adam Zelinski of Rochester Hills.  He lost control of the vehicle while on the exit ramp and his car struck a light pole.  He was headed from a long shift at work.  The City of Troy Fire Department was the first responders to the scene and was extracted from the vehicle.  he was pronounced dead while at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan.

The ramp where the accident on I-75 occurred was shut down for roughly two hours so the authorities could conduct a thorough investigation.  They are still looking at possible reasons as to why the crash occured, but it’s important to note there were numerous accidents in Michigan yesterday morning indication that slippery conditions played a major factor.  There was a fresh 1/2 inch of snow and temperatures plummeted causing a very thin sheet of ice that was hard to see.  If you or someone you know has information regarding this tragic accident, the Troy Police Department Traffic Safety Unit would like to hear from you.  Please call them at (248) 524-3477 to give your account.

We will keep you updated if anything else emerges from this story.  Our condolences and prayers go out to his family during this extremely difficult time.

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