Slippery Roads Cause Crash Near Michigan Avenue in Lansing on US-127

Slippery Roads Cause Crash Near Michigan Avenue in Lansing on US-127

Another morning of icy roads has resulted in a vehicle accident on US-127 last night around 11:30 PM.  The Lansing Police Department were the first responders to the scene which apparatantly occured when a vehicle was exiting a ramp.  They did not go into detail about what ramp or exit it was where the actual event took place.  When it slipped exiting the highway, it crashed into another vehicle.  Both of the vehicles were damaged, but it is not not known yet the severity.

The good news is that nobody was hurt severely and both drivers were able to walk away with nothing more than minor injuries.  Another positive is that alcohol was not involved for either driver.  This is simply a case of slippery roads when the drivers may not have expected the poor conditions.  It’s very easy to exit a highway at a high rate of speed thinking the exit ramp will be of the same driving conditions.  Many times, the exit ramp is more slippery than the highway because it does not have as much traffic and it accumulates more snow and ice.

The Lansing Police Department has once again warned local drivers that ramps and roads continue to be slippery and caution should be taken during these extremely cold temperatures.  We will let you know if there are any other accidents to report in the Michigan area.


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