white car crash - Car Crashes into Semi after Police Chase

Car Crashes into Semi after Police Chase

One of the news who caused more shock and surprise in the city of St. Johns, Michigan was the death of a man after an accident when colliding with a semi-trailer while being pursued by the local police.

Everything all started when a man who hasn’t yet disclosed his data publicly, but according to official officials apparently he was wanted for serious crimes.

Persecuted Man

The incident happened near Taft Road at noon. The police began to persecute the man who was driving because they considered him as a threat to society to be a fugitive of justice.

The man, seeing the police were chasing him, never stopped. He instead accelerates with a lot of speed, but the persecution really didn’t last so long, because the man ended up crashing against the semi-trailer, causing his death immediately.

red car crash - Car Crashes into Semi after Police Chase

An Unconscious Act

The man got to enter the lower part of the semi-trailer, being totally stuck. The Semi came at a moderate speed since it was traveling towards the direction of the north, but the unidentified man preferred to accelerate in that direction instead of trying to pass the semi and trying to avoid it.

The driver of the Semi didn’t have any injuries; in fact, he was shocked by what had happened, at first a little more disturbed. While the other man died immediately at the time of the crash.

David Kirk, head of the local police, was one of those who came out to give statements about the events, revealing mainly why the police persecution and the state in which both drivers were.

In order to remove the man who was under the trailer, the police and other authorities, such as firefighters and others, needed many hours of help.

Undoubtedly an example of a total unconscious act where that man didn’t think about the consequences that his action could generate in him or in anyone who was on the street or to the cars that were around.

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