UPDATE - Victims Killed in Kalamazoo Amtrak Train Crash Identified

UPDATE – Victims Killed in Kalamazoo Amtrak Train Crash Identified

This is an update to the news story we posted just a few days ago regarding the 3 Fatalities Resulting From Train Collision in Kalamazoo County.  The victims names are Jarmaine Brown (20 years old), Marcionna Edwards (19 years old), and Jordan Brooks (18 years old).  All threw lived nearby in Kalamazoo.

No passengers on the Amtrak Train were hurt as a result of the accident.  Michigan State Police is still conducting an investigation to determine the cause of the crash.  They are looking to see if the flashing lights and crossing gates were operational and working at the time of the accident.  The investigators are eagerly awaiting video surveillance from the front of the Amtrak Train which will be the most helpful piece of evidence to determine exactly how this tragedy occurred.  Michigan State Police Officer Ryan Schoonveld stated they have already gained alot more information about how the crash happened and expect to release that and additional information later this week.

Just 4 years ago there was a similar tragedy that has spooky similarities.  On November 18 of 2014, 3 individuals were killed at the exact same train crossing while driving a mini-van.  In this paticular case, the driver went around vehicles that were stopped for the train and collided with an Amtrak Train.  The van was pushed forward for nearly a mile before the train was able to come to a stop.  We don’t know how similar these 2 incidents are until the State Police releases more information later this week.  You can be sure that we will provide you with another update and possibly get ahold of that video surveillance.  Remember to drive extra cautious at Train Crossings!!!!

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