Winter Storm Jayden Strikes Michigan : 15 Vehicle Pileup on I-196 and 24 Vehicle Pileup on Route 6

Winter Storm Jayden Strikes Michigan : 15 Vehicle Pileup on I-196 and 24 Vehicle Pileup on Route 6

The storm being referred to as Winter Storm Jayden has struck Michigan and made quite a large impact.  Dozens of schools were closed all over the State of Michigan and for good reason.  The roads were absolutely terrible and they predict to get even worse.

At 9:30am Tuesday Morning, Ottawa County Dispatchers received notice of a 15 car pileup that had just occurred on I-196 just outside of Zeeland, Michigan.   Michigan State Police were forced to shutdown the highway  at Byron Road to conduct a crash investigation.  They highway has since opened and traffic is now back to normal.  This stretch of highway is especially dangerous because it run close to the Lake Michigan coast and received large amount of lake effect snow along with stronger winds.

Around this same time of morning, there was another vehicle pileup in Michigan.  This pileup took place on State Route 6 near Cutlerville.  Even a Michigan State Police Trooper was involved in this crash which happened at 10am.  Reports indicated that 4+ people were hospitalized for significant but non-life threatening injuries.  This just goes to show you how dangerous the roads are during times of winter advisories and it really is best to stay home.  It’s hard to stay home for many given the rapid pace of life, but it’s better than putting your own life at risk.

Another blast of snow and extremely cold air is headed right towards Michigan this morning.  Temperatures will continue to drop and wind chills are expected to reach -40 degrees below zero.  Don’t travel today unless you absolutely have to.  Most schools and businesses have already cancelled or closed.  We will keep you up to date if there are any more major developments.

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